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JobsinCable is a customized (RPO) Recruitment Process Outsourcing service provider.

JobsinCable is not a 'Staffing Agency' but a partner with each and every client we work with. We work with you, for you, or as you, depending on your requirements. And most importantly: Your practices, goals and needs are always kept confidential. It is one client, in one category and one project for its duration, at a time.

The Benefits of an RPO: What is your TOTAL Cost to Hire?

What does it cost you per month or per position to create the advertising, posting the job, sourcing, application review, pre-qualifying, calling, scheduling interviews and all the additional duties and costs associated with hiring? What is your time worth?

We can do it all, or just a little.

JobsinCable services are designed to provide a set of custom-made, cost-effective, RPO solutions to clients of every size.

JobsinCable's approach to RPO was born from experience and knowledge in agency staffing and corporate recruiting. We have applied only the best practices and methodologies taken from each of these environments to create an energetic, results driven, professional company.

JobsinCable and its hybrid RPO services guarantee quality and accountability. We provide A La Carte RPO solutions and work behind the scenes while you concentrate on your core competency areas.

JobsinCable's management and leadership enable superior results to be achieved towards the attainment of our clients' business objectives and goals. Your people can focus on their core functions and you get a better return on investment.

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In today's workforce, almost 95% of employees cannot be
reached using conventional methods.
As an alternative to the "you find us" technique, it's imperative
to apply the "we'll find you" system.
This will help identify a new pool of candidates that are
qualified for the job.

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